COVID-19 Information and Procedures

We continue to review our COVID-19 procedures and hours to make sure all are safe and we are staffed properly.

We will have COVID-19 procedures and safety protocols in place to keep clients, staff, and pups safe:

Promoting Physical Distancing

Rigorous Cleaning Regimen Day and Night

Sanitation Stations Throughout the Facility for a Germ-free Environment

Support Staff with Personal Self-assessments Before Entering Facility

Please stay safe as we continue to monitor the situation and will adapt our operations as needed.

Daycare & Grooming COVID-19 Procedures

Upon arrival for your dog’s stay with us for daycare or grooming please call from your vehicle 905-640-DOGS(3647) to notify us you are waiting. We ask that you walk your dog to do their bathroom duties before they come to enter the facility. There is a grass area right by the parking lot to do so. Once you have done that we will come out to safely bring your dog into the facility. We will bring your dog in using our leash, so please keep yours with you. Their collars and/or harness can remain on them, as we will use them for their walks.

To avoid having multiple people in the main lobby, we ask that drop-offs and pickups be done curbside. We do understand that some dogs need special encouragement coming in, so, if you must come into the main lobby please wear a mask at all times and if there is a client already there please WAIT until they depart before you enter to make sure there is social distancing.

We are not allowing any clients to come into the private reception area. Payments are accepted via e-transfers to or credit/debit card payments. If you choose to pay by debit/credit cards we will bring our mobile machine out to you.


During Covid-19 Trainers are not allowed to touch the dog’s leash or come within 2 meters of you.

We will be wearing a mask when we do come close to you. We require EVERYONE to wear masks during the class for safety.

We will have assigned areas marked for each student to ensure we are maintaining social distancing.  

We also ask that there be limited dog-to-dog interactions.

Some other guidelines are:

  • All are to keep distance between people from different families.
  • Stay within the designated area assigned to you and your puppy.
  • Only one family can attend the class.
  • Classes will be kept to 45 minutes to allow time in between classes so we limit the number of people coming and going.
  • Classes will be limited to 6.
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