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Terms & Conditions – Please Read Carefully
I understand and agree to the following terms: I will not hold Muttz With Mannerz, Stouffville Veterinary Clinic, Corey McCusker or any of the employees of the Stouffville Veterinary Clinic responsible for damage, loss, injury, illness or parasitic infestation to me, my dog, my agent or anyone under my control. I agree that the following conditions will result in forfeit of my position in the course and any unused portion of fees: using abusive physical punishment, or allowing my agent or anyone under my control to do so, choosing to discontinue the course for any reason whatsoever once it has begun, or failing to control my dog such that my dog bites a person or another dog. I understand that no refund will be given later than one week prior to the beginning of the course and a $35.00 administration fee applies should i wish to cancel. I understand that before attending a class I must provide: 1) my dog’s proof of vaccination and 2) payment in order to be registered for a class. I understand that I may not participate without provision of these documents. I agree to pay Muttz With mannerz a $35.00 fee should my cheque be returned for any reason whatsoever or should I request a transfer to another class. I accept complete responsibility for my own dog and any guest or minor under my control. I agree to wear or bring suitable dry, flat, soft-soled footwear while on the training floor. I understand that my children must be at least 5 years of age to participate in a Puppy Manners class, and at least 12 years of age for all other classes and must be under my control at all times. I understand that i must accompany my minor handler at all times. I will not allow my minor child to handle my dog if my dog has previously shown aggression. I understand that i must pay an auditor’s fee of $35.00 for any guest that I wish to bring with me with the exception being my child and/or spouse. I understand that this is a class for quiet, friendly dogs and that should my dog show aggression toward a person i may be asked to leave and will not be eligible for any refund. I understand that my dog must be spayed or neutuered*. I agree to remove my dog’s flea collar prior to participating in the Puppy Manners classes. My cheque or money order acknowledgement is my receipt. I agree that Muttz With Mannerz reserves the right to use any picture(s) taken during the courses for advertising purposes.
*these exceptions apply: puppies up to 7 months of age or assessment of intact dogs.

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