What is the Canine Academy? 

You’ve started your dog on the path of being a well-mannered dog, however you find that during the week life gets busy and you need some help to maintain your training. Or maybe you require assistance with some issues such as: jumping up, pulling on leash or having your dog ‘drop it’.

When your dog stays with us during the day for daycare, sign them up for our Canine Academy Program. We fully customize the training program based on your goals and your dog’s needs

Here are some of the goals we can help our pet parents achieve with their pet:

  • Building recall skills with distractions – Come when they are called!
  • Greeting people and dogs appropriately.
  • Walking nicely on leash.
  • Leave objects on command.
  • Learn focus with distractions.
The Canine Academy training sessions are facilitated by our Canine Coaches. The sessions will either be in group or one-on-one and are available in 15 minute, 30 minute and 45 minute segments, depending on the issues that needs to be addressed and resolved.

Canine Academy Training pricing is available in the follow time increments depending on the training required:


  • 15 minute Training Sessions – $25
  • 30 minute Training Sessions – $45
  • 45 minute Training Sessions – $60

To get started in the Canine Academy:

  1. Dogs must have passed our “Meet & Greet Assessment to be accepted into our daycare.
  2. Set up a consultation with Canine Coaches via email or call us at 905-640-DOGS(3647) to discuss your goals for the training sessions.
  3. A customized program is developed based on the consultation and your training sessions can be scheduled.
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