Why should I consider Doggie Daycare?

The average dog spends 8-10 hours a day alone, they wait for their owners to come home and play. This lack of stimulation causes dogs to get bored and frustrated. They need a healthy, active outlet for normal behaviour. Without this, it can lead to destruction, separation anxiety, and even depression. Doggie daycare is the answer for many pups and dogs.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Having a reservation helps us keep organized, and gives us an idea of how many dogs to expect each day to ensure that we have space, adequate supervision, and a safe staff:dog ratio. Reservations can be made by calling (905) 640-DOGS or click here to register.

What will my dog do all day?

The following is a guideline of what an average day at our facility includes. Please note that we plan daily activities and games for the dogs and these will vary from day to day.

Check-in: Upon arrival, dogs are checked in and assigned a play area for the day. Monitored closely by our daycare specialists, dogs are welcomed into the group and settle into their environment making new furry friends.

Morning Routine:
Enthusiastic daycare staff encourage dogs to interact with their playgroups. Daycare specialists provide mental and physical games and activities for the dogs to participate in. All will receive a morning outdoor pee break.

The Chill Zone: Mid-day it’s time to chill. We will have a rest period for all the dogs. They will be provided a safe, calm space and we will have classical music playing while the lights are dimmed. At this time we will do a health check. Each dog is assessed from nose to tail including paws to ensure all are safe after play. Any dogs that came with food/snacks are fed. This is done between the hours of 11am – 1pm.

Afternoon: Our afternoon playtime is very similar to the morning but less intense. We always want to have fun and we love to train too. Afternoons are spent working on manners and obedience. Playgroups are reassessed and groups may be rotated to ensure maximum interaction and free play continues. All will receive a afternoon outdoor pee break.

Time for a nap and home: Activity is slowed and everyone winds down while they wait for their pet parents to pick them up.

Who looks after my dog?

We have created a team that not only has a passion for pets but the knowledge and expertise to provide safe care.  Our daycare staff are professionally trained in canine body language and off leash play. All staff are certified in pet first aid. Read more about our Team here.

Why an indoor facility?

Our 3000 square foot facility has all the offerings of home and more. We bring the backyard indoors. Our two play areas have safe non-skid flooring with an agility playground and lots of fun and interaction. Not only is it safe, it’s also clean. No mud, rain, cars, heat or cold get in the way of play. You can have peace of mind knowing your dog is indoors safe from all harm.

How does my dog relieve themselves indoors?

We provide morning and afternoon pee breaks. Dogs relieve themselves based on texture and scent; they also have a tendency to go to the bathroom when they see another dog and can eliminate anytime they have to.