Although we will always do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, we recommend booking your reservations in advance. Advanced notice will help to ensure your dog’s reservation in the event that our facility is at capacity (15 small dogs and 10 large dogs). Same day bookings must be approved by one of the staff by contacting us via phone that day. Do not assume we have space and bring your dog in as we may be at capacity. Once you call and confirm we have a spot for your dog you can proceed and put in a booking request.

We do recommend that dogs come regularly and suggest 4 times each month. This allows them to familiarize themselves with our routines and playgroups. Priority is given to dogs that have attended our training classes or are a member of our Canine Academy.  We expect all dogs to be well mannered while in our care and manageable by our team.

We suggest you “Claim your day(s)” in advance to ensure your dog a spot.

All dogs require a “Meet and Greet” before attending day school. The purpose of the Meet and Greet is to gauge the personality and behaviour of your dog with other dogs. This is approximately 30 minutes in length and is free of charge.

If it has been over 3 months since your dog has been to our facility, they must be reassessed prior to returning.

To make a reservation or to set up your meet and greet and assessment please call the office at (905)640-DOGS (3647) or email us at

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notification is recommended to be made at least 24 hours prior to service. Notification after 10am on the day of your reservation will still incur a full charge for services. We understand that unforeseen circumstances do come up from time to time, however, because our space is limited and we often have a waitlist list, we do ask that you inform us if your dog will not be attending. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

No Shows

If you do not show on the day booked you will be charged for holding a spot that day.

Drop-off or Pick-up

Upon arrival for your dog’s stay with us for daycare or grooming we ask that you walk your dog to do their bathroom duties before they come to enter the facility. There is a grass area right by the parking lot to do so. Once you have done that we will come out to safely bring your dog into the facility. We will bring your dog in using our leash, so please keep yours with you. Their collars and/or harness can remain on them, as we will use them for their walks.

To avoid having multiple people in the main lobby, we ask one dog enter at a time. We do understand that some dogs need special encouragement coming in, so, if you must come into the main lobby if there is a client already there please WAIT until they depart before you enter.

We prefer one client at a time to come into the private reception area. Payments are accepted via e-transfers to or credit/debit card payments.

We are very structured and staffed according to what has been scheduled for the day. We ask that you drop off at the time you have specified, no earlier or later. If you do come late and we accept the dog into day school you can not extend your stay. Any last minute changes must be done online and approved by Muttz with Mannerz staff prior to your arrival with your dog. You will receive an email confirmation for requests.

Example: Booked 9am-2pm dropped off 9:30am as you were running late please note you can not pick up 5 hours later. Your pick-up time must remain at 2pm unless approved by Muttz with Mannerz staff as an exception.

If you have booked a half-day and you are late you will be charged for a full day. If you are unable to drop off your dog at the time specified or pick up your dog by the time we close, we would ask that you try to make other arrangements or inform us by phone so that we can help to accommodate you.

Our daycare hours are as follows:

Monday & Friday 7:30am-5:00pm, Tuesday – Thursday Wednesday 7:30am-5:30pm,  ***These hours are based on dogs being booked in. If dogs are not booked in at 7:30am we do not necessarily arrive until the time of the first booking. We will leave before 5:30pm if all the dogs have gone home.

Half days are up to 5 hours or less and full days are over 5 hours.

Please note that there are no drop-offs after 10am.  Exceptions may be made on an as needed basis and approved by Muttz with Mannerz. 


We require that all dogs be current on their Rabies(after 6 months), Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis(also known as DHPP or DAPP), and Bordetella vaccinations. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of 48 hours prior to Muttz With Mannerz services being performed. Puppies over the age of 12 weeks must have their second set of vaccines (DHPP) and we highly recommend Bordetella in order to attend daycare. Dogs under the age of 6 months without a Rabies vaccination will be accepted subject to the discretion of management. Proof of vaccinations must be provided upon arrival, before your first assessment day, or before the Meet and Greet. Please be advised that vaccinations do expire, and our records will need to be updated periodically. In light of this, your dog may be asked not to return to day school until vaccines have been updated and proof from a licensed veterinarian has been provided. Any exceptions must be discussed and approved by Muttz With Mannerz.

Vaccination paperwork needs to include: Name of your dog, your name, the Veterinary Clinic and Doctor who administered the vaccines, the dates the vaccines were last given, and the next due dates for those vaccines.


If you would like any special treats or meals given during their time with us, please bring this with you upon drop-off, as well as detailed feeding instructions. We do have treats that we will provide dogs during their stay. If your dog has allergies please let us know.

ParHealth Concerns

Muttz with Mannerz takes great pride in the high cleanliness standards we maintain. Similar to a daycare for children, dogs can pass viruses and parasites from one to another. Some illnesses like “Kennel cough” are contagious even before symptoms are present.

All dogs are required to be healthy at the time of check-in. If your dog has been vomiting, having diarrhea, coughing, retching, or showing any signs of illness, please leave them home. If your dog becomes ill at daycare, you will be notified and are required to make arrangements for pick up as soon as possible.


We require that all daycare dogs be on a parasite prevention program prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, either monthly or seasonally (June-November). Please speak to your veterinarian about which treatment is best for your dog.

If at any time your pet is found to have fleas or ticks, we may provide appropriate flea or tick removal treatment at your additional expense, or we may terminate services until the problem is resolved so as not to transfer parasites to other clients.

Spaying and Neutering

Muttz with Mannerz requires that all dogs over the age of 7 months be spayed or neutered in order to be a part of group play. Unaltered puppies over the age of 7 months are not permitted to attend daycare unless approved by Muttz with Mannerz. Muttz with Mannerz reserve the right to remove dogs if they show any signs of marking or humping or aggression.

Leashes & Collars

Muttz with Mannerz requires all of our clients to be on snap buckle collars and flat leads. We will not accept Flexi leads and/or retractable leashes. Dogs will have all collars & leashes removed while attending day school. Dogs belongings will be returned to them upon pickup. We will house the leashes and collars on a hook that is labeled with their name. We recommend buckle collars as they are easier to put on and remove.

Photos and Video

By signing our agreement, I give Muttz with Mannerz permission to take and use my pet/pets photographs and to use and publish these images in web/social media content. I give permission to use my pet/pets names if decided necessary by Muttz with Mannerz.

Pet Health/Behaviour and Safety

We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet for any reason including, without limitation, if it appears that the pet is sick, injured, in pain, or that its behaviour could jeopardize the health and safety of other pets or our staff.

  • All dogs must be in good health. No coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival. If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms while he/she is in our care you may be asked to come pick them up.
  • If your dog has been treated for a contagious illness, we cannot accept your dog for at least 2 weeks after treatment has been completed.
  • We may accept pets and administer routine medications for chronic conditions, but we are not equipped to care for acutely sick pets.
  • No aggressive dogs and/or bite history
  • Dogs that hump humans or other dogs, bark excessively and/or that guard resources i.e. water, toys, food will not be accepted
  • Dogs being brought into the lobby/reception must sit before entering and this is the owner’s responsibility to teach these manners. We want to avoid jumping and charging in. Accidents can happen that way.

Payment and Memberships

Muttz with Mannerz accepts payments made by cash, credit card, e transfers to info@muttzwithmannerz, and debit card. Payment is required either when dropping off or, prior to the booking. If your dog is coming to daycare on a frequent and regular basis, we do offer monthly memberships. Memberships do have an expiry date of 30 days.