Teaching your dog manners and basic skills plus providing them with enough mental and physical exercise helps prevent your dog from developing anxiety and other stress related behaviours. Those behaviours can be destructive chewing, excess barking, and sometimes even aggressive tendencies.

Our business is all about dogs.  We have a passion for pups, and want yours to be a wonderful companion and canine in your community.

Here are 5 Reasons we think you should train your puppy or dog:

  1. Builds a positive bond and relationship 
    Training teaches your dogs the skills and commands – so they behave.  Using a reward system helps them understand what is expected. Dogs normally aim to please and giving them a way to do that helps build the bond and strengthen the relationships. It’s a way to grow together.
  2. Teaches them life skills so they are safe
    Depending on your life style your dog may be more indoors than outdoors but wherever they roam it helps to teach them life skills that keeps them safe and happy. Manners in the home, comfort and control in the community should be the goal. Training takes time, consistency so the more effort you put into your dog the better they will be in their environments.
  3. Helps with socialization
    Socializing your dog helps remove fear and build confidence while having fun. Our playdates and classes have been a great way to help timid dogs learn how to interact with other dogs. Starting at a young age is important and the right environments where it is controlled. Avoid off leash dog parks as you never know what you will encounter.
  4. Avoid behaviour problems
    Dogs without training and mental, physical exercise can create havoc. Chewing, barking, jumping and sometimes even nipping and biting are a way they release built up tension and energy.
  5. For loyalty and companionship
    Training is a great way to spend time together. Teaching them skills and tricks makes them great company and builds their loyalty to you.

When you make time to teach your dogs, it helps you lead a more fulfilling life with your canine companion. A healthy balance of training, sociability and providing the right kind of exercise or playtime ensure a happy, healthy, successful outcome. The learning process can be fine and a great way to get out with others doing the same as you. We tailor our classes and training to each individual team-owner and dog to make sure you receive the guidance you need that lease to success.