When the vacations are over and the kids go back to school everything can change for a dog. They may be used to having company all day to play with, and then the house goes silent and all are back at work or back to school.

Remember to think about a plan for your dog as they can get into mischief because of no more hustle and bustle of all being around. When routine changes, it can confuse the dog – so it’s best to plan and get them ready for the change.

Some reminders to remember:

  • Start preparing them and think of your new routine
  • If they’ll be alone longer, get them used to it before it starts
  • Exercise them with a walk or play before all leave for work and school
  • Review who’s responsible for what as it may change with the new schedule

5 Things to do with your dog to help ease the transition when the kids go back to school.

  1. Exercise
    Provide plenty of exercise for your dog which will help burn off extra energy. Schedule an extra walk during the day and if you can’t do it hire a dog walker. I can recommend a few! During your walks stimulate your dog mentally by adding in some obedience or trick training.
  2. Get a New Toy
    You are getting the kids lots of new things to get ready for school i.e. clothes, school supplies, etc. Remember to get your Dog a new toy to entertain themselves with while they are at school. Maybe an extra-special safe chew toy or one that you can stuff with tasty treats. There are even puzzle toys that will encourage them to look for hidden goodies.
  3. Teach Your Dog a New Trick
    Learning new things helps ease your dog’s boredom and loneliness. Nothing fancy maybe a simple spin, crawl or longer stay may work. If you want to ramp up things join our advanced classes or Fun with Agility.
  4. Play Music
    Some dog daycares or shelters have found playing calming music helps their dogs relax while having downtime. So, put on the classical music and maybe have some lavender essence or room spray too as that can also help.
  5. Spend Quality Time Together
    When the family is home make sure the kids engage in quality time with their dog each day. It could be a long walk, relaxing together while doing homework or bring them to a playdate for some fun time with all.