If your dog is a bit fearful, needs some work on recall or  easily distracted “Fun with Agility” class may be right for you.

5 Reason You Should Join “Fun with Agility”:

  1. Agility will fulfill your dog’s natural instincts
    Dogs love to run, chase and pursuit fun.  You can watch them follow rabbits, squirrels and and navigate themselves whenever they need to go.  If you’ve taken your dog for a forest walk or hike you’ll see them jump over logs, dart through bushes and vegetation.  Agility courses are mimic to get your dog to maneuver the obstacles while having fun with their owner.
  2. Agility is great exercise for BOTH of you
    Agility is a great way for your dog to burn off some energy.  Going through a course that involves jumping over obstacles and darting through tunnels, tires will challenge your dog’s mind and body.  It helps them strengthen their muscles, improve coordination and keep them fit. You’ll be moving with your dog so it’s a great way for you to get outdoors and get some exercise too. We will go at a pace you both are comfortable with.
  3. Helps strengthen the bond and improve communication 
    You and your dog will be doing this together and working as a team. Helping your dog through obstacles will help build your dog’s obedience, improve dog/owner communication and help with behaviour at class or at home.
  4. Builds confidence
    As you and your dog learn new skills and how to make your way through the agility course you’ll find your dog and your confidence increases while you are having fun.
  5. Great mutual trust
    As your skills and confidence increase so does the trust. You will find you and your dog grow as a team and have respect for your relationship.

Agility is a way to have fun and an excellent source of exercise plus it offers the above benefits for both you and your canine companion.

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