During these difficult times with COVID-19 Pandemic, Muttz with Mannerz would like everyone to know we are thinking of you and your fur-family. The health and welfare of your dogs is our main concern.

Non-essential needs such as playdates, group classes, and grooming have been canceled.

For those of you in front line services or working from home and have a mature dog or puppy that requires stimulation, socialization, and regular bathroom breaks our daycare is open and can help.

Here are all the steps we are taking to ensure that this service is provided to your pet with the highest degree of safety and health:

  • We are in close contact with our Veterinarians and using their daily cleaning protocols.
  • Clients are limited to entering our facility and drop off is at the front door.
  • Our 4 staff members are taking great precautions and limiting ourselves to work and home.

When we get back to normal, consideration should be to reduce future separation anxiety and this is another area we can help. When owners return to their daily routine, your dog may not understand your absence.

Daycare allows them not to become too dependent on your presence. If you are unable to bring them to daycare, consider some moments that they are left on their own, either in their crate or you going for a short walk by yourself. You are preparing them right now by doing this daily.

We have people asking us “Can dogs get Coronavirus or pass on to humans?” so here is an interesting link that shares knowledge about what is known https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/news/can-dogs-get-coronavirus/.

We also ask for your cooperation to refrain from visiting our facility if you…

  • Have traveled outside of Ontario in the last 14 days AND/OR
  • Have come in contact with any known case AND/OR
  • Have had symptoms of a respiratory illness (fever, new/worsening cough, new/worsening shortness of breath)

We are here to help so please call us or email us with any questions or concerns regarding your dog.

The Muttz with Mannerz Team