Last month we talked about the many reasons why it is a good idea to train your dog.

  • Relationship of mutual trust and respect
  • Good Manners
  • Enjoyment of social interactions
  • Builds Communication
  • Loyal Happy Bond

As a responsible dog owner training ensures our dogs are good social citizens and are comfortable in a variety of situations. Training provides mental and physical stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy and balanced.

Training takes time and should be a consistent and ongoing activity. In our busy lives how can we include training, so essential for our dog’s well-being, to keep it fun for both us and our dogs?

Including a short, dedicated training session each day would be optimum. Every day we feed and walk our dogs. We can use these moments to teach manners such as “sit“ and “stay”, or even “look” to gain their focus which helps with the mental stimulation. Keep toys and treats (whatever is a reward for your dog) handy so that you have a motivator.

Joining a formal class or group is the easiest and best way to make sure that we keep a schedule and ensure our dogs are getting the exercise, stimulation and training that they need…and want!

At Muttz with Mannerz™ we believe every dog is an individual and training is tailored based on your dog’s needs and understanding. We also know that after your dog has completed or has basic obedience skills there are other ways to work and train your dog to maintain a strong and happy relationship.

Our current Training Programs range from puppy manners to specialty classes like Fun with Agility, Scent Detection and Doga.

For a more casual and fun experience check out our play dates.  These help your puppy or dog get and stay comfortable and exercised in a positive, safe, clean environment. Our goal is to help your puppy or dog be a well-mannered, happy companion where ever they go.

Look forward to seeing you at Muttz with Mannerz™!