Have you ever noticed that when you’re on a walk, how intent your dog can become when he’s focusing on a particular scent? Wouldn’t it be great to have some fun and strengthen your bond while your dog is sniffing and using their nose?

Scent Detection is a rapidly growing activity in the world of canine sports. It involves the use of a dog’s powerful sense of smell to detect and locate a hidden odor. Dogs can use their natural powerful sense of smell to identify a scent from miles away, making them ideal for this type of sport.

Scent Detection is designed to be both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog.

It encourages your dog to use their sense of smell to search for the scent, as well as to use problem-solving skills to try and figure out where it is. This helps to keep your dog mentally engaged and can help to reduce boredom and stress.

Getting your dog involved in Scent Detection is also a great way for you to increase the bond with your dog. It allows for a shared experience between you and encourages positive interactions. As the handler, you must be patient, understanding, and supportive of your dog in order to be successful.

For your dog, Scent Detection promotes confidence, provides phenomenal mental stimulation, and fun! It is ideal for shy, elderly, or even disabled dogs. This is a fun time for you to enjoy what your dog does naturally.

It can be lots of fun and can also be serious work for your dog!

Scenting - Skye and Mike

In Muttz with Mannerz™ Fun with Scent Detection classes, you will learn and guide your dog in something that they already do naturally.

In class, we introduce them to a specific scent, an essential oil, and we start teaching and working with your dog to find that oil wherever it happens to be, wherever we hide it. You and your dog search for the scent and have some fun.

So how do you get your dog started with Scent Detection?

Check out your local dog training facility – and in the York Region that is Muttz with Mannerz™ – to look for Fun with Scenting or other beginner Scenting Classes.

We have 3 levels of Scent Detection classes at our canine academy training facility.

Not only is Scenting a great way to bond with your dog, but it also provides an opportunity to show off their amazing sense of smell and problem-solving skills. If you are looking for a fun and engaging activity, then this may be the perfect sport for you and your dog!

For more information about Scent Detection listen to our recent podcast with Corey and special guest Muttz with Mannerz™ trainer, Barbara Rogina >> Episode 023: Follow Your Nose – The Fun of Scent Detection with Special Guest Barbara Rogina

If you are ready to get started then check out our schedule for Fun with Scenting (3 levels)  and other fun classes for you and your dog at muttzwithmannerz.com/classes