We are excited that we have been given permission to re-open our Grooming Salon. We know the value of this service and know that your dogs need to be groomed. Many of you have been trying to maintain it yourselves. It’s been 9 weeks since this service has been available and our thoughts are with all of you and your families – especially your fur-family.

Grooming Re-opens – NEW COVID-19 procedures

We know that many dogs are desperate to be groomed. We have been in discussion with Kelli, our groomer, to ensure we open safely and aim to get everyone in as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we do everything we can to accommodate you all.

Every dog is a priority to us! We are doing the best we can and Kelli is one groomer, an amazing one and she’ll get to each and every one over the next few weeks. Bribes will not be accepted 🙂

Our process is booking in all clients that had confirmed appointments from March 15th onward then we will start booking the waitlist. If you are not on the waitlist please go onto your account and select book now and put in a grooming request.

Here is the link to go to your account >> https://muttzwithmannerz.propetware.com/ . You will receive a grooming confirmation via email with detailed instructions for your dog’s groom.

In addition to the steps we are taking to provide the highest degree of safety and health of our facility, we ask that all dogs be dropped off and picked up at the main door. We will greet you and bring the dog safely inside to be groomed. Social distancing is of great importance at this time.

Training to resume SOON!

Training can also resume and Barbara and I are working on our plan to re-start the classes that were missed and schedule new classes for owners. Please stay tuned as we will be sending out an email this week with more details. We hope to get them started next weekend and the week after. Again, thank you for your understanding!


Our daycare is open for those dogs and pups that need socialization and stimulation during these difficult times.

We thank those that have trusted us to care for their dogs and grateful for the joy they bring. Those of you staying at home and missing classes, playdates, and grooming we are thinking of you all and miss our time together.