Our last article in the New Puppy series was focused on mouthing, nipping and biting; tips to help your puppy develop bite inhibition. Here is a link to that article.

In this article we are going to give some tips to prepare for your puppy’s first grooming, but first we will discuss why it is important to have your dog groomed.

Grooming isn’t just about your dog’s looks, although it is of course very important.  There are benefits to grooming your dog and starting a regular routine with your puppy:

  • Behaviour and Socialization – It’s important that your puppy is exposed to new people, places, and experiences. Having your puppy groomed gets them started on what will be a routine lifetime experience for them.
  • Well-being – The grooming experience ensures that you are checking your puppy whether it’s you or a Groomer. It is another set of eyes (other than you and your vet) on your puppy that can find bumps, scrapes, and possible pests that you might not have otherwise found.
  • Coat and Skin Health – Grooming removes matting, dead skin, and hair. If your puppies coat and skin are clean and healthy your puppy will feel good.
Remember a grooming session is not the only time that your puppy should be groomed.

By setting up a routine at home you will be making their grooming experience a regular occurrence and you will be building a special bond between you and your puppy.

Grooming at home

Every puppy should be groomed in some way daily. Here are some of the things you can do to get your puppy used to being groomed:

  • Check your puppy’s ears and help them become comfortable to having you touch them. Groomers will  pluck hair out of their ears, so the more you can get them get accustomed to this, by touching their ears and pulling gently on hair inside them.
  • Brush your puppy using a comb or soft brush daily.
  • Touch your puppy’s paws and put slight pressure on their nails preparing them for nail trims.
  • Brush their teeth with enzymatic toothpaste. This will help them become comfortable with your hands in their mouth.
  • If your puppy will need their facial hair trimmed, get them comfortable with petting them around their eyes and face.

What to know and expect at puppy’s first grooming experience.  

This will be a very eventful day for your puppy and it’s important that it is a positive one. Make sure that you look for a groomer with experience and that is knowledgeable about your puppy’s breed or coat type. During the first grooming session, the main idea is to have your puppy familiarized with the process. A pup’s initial experiences will set the tone for all future visits. Remember – keep it positive!

The First Grooming Session 

Grooming BlogGetting Started – When you find a groomer and book the first appointment, please understand your groomer will start slow and make sure it’s a positive first experience. Experienced groomers will take their time.

What to Expect– Your groomer will most likely keep it short and slowly introduce all of the different things they will be doing. All of the smells, noises, and tools will be new and possibly scary for your puppy. Expect that your puppy will be loosely restrained for their safety. Some of the services the groomer will do on the first visit are:

  • Bathing
  • Light brush
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Depending on your puppies breed a light trim, possible around their face.  

The goal of the Groomer will be to make sure your puppy feels safe and comfortable on their first groom.

Above all, patience is key.

Do not be surprised if it takes a few sessions for your puppy to feel completely comfortable. Once your groomers finished the session remember to celebrate with your pup – with a treat, and lots of happy talk and attention.

If we can be of any assistance with your first time grooming concerns, or you are looking for an experienced groomer, please contact us at info@muttzwithmannerz.com.

Remember patience and kindness will help your puppy succeed!

In our next article, we will discuss Fleas and Ticks.