We all love taking our furry family members on our summer adventures, and they love it just as much! Unfortunately during these hot months it can become extremely dangerous to leave our beloved pets in our vehicles.

As many of us know our pups do not perspire the same way humans do as they do not have sweat glands. Dogs release their heat by panting as well as from their feet, this unfortunately means the can over heat much quicker than us!

During these summer months we have to be very adamant about keeping our pups hydrated, this could include extra water breaks, lots of shade, and swimming to keep them cool! Its not just important for us!

It is imperative to be aware that temperatures inside a vehicle can rise very quickly, up to 54+ degrees celsius in just 30 minutes of being left in the heat! 

This reference shows how quickly temperatures can rise even when the outside temperatures may not be too hot for us!

Outside temp.        Inside temp. after 10 min.      After 30 Min.
21 C                      27 C                                      40 C
24 C                      34 C                                      43 C
27 C                      37 C                                      45.5 C
29 C                      40 C                                      48 C
32 C                      43 C                                      51 C
35 C                      45 C                                      54 C

As of June 29th the Ontario Government has implemented a 24 Hour Animal Cruelty Hotline. If you have found a dog left in a hot car please call 1-833-9ANIMAL.

Enjoy your summer and keep your pets cool and safe!