Today is National Responsible Dog Ownership Day!

Owning a dog is a privilege, but the benefits of becoming a Pet Parent comes with responsibility.

We’re here to help make that easier and provide you with the following tips to ensure your pet is safe and well cared for!

Tips to Follow to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Do Your Research when selecting the right dog for you and your lifestyle. Avoid impulsive decisions! We are sure you did your research and found the right dog for your family. They all come in different sizes, shapes, and energy levels. Through education and gaining of knowledge, it makes the addition of your new furry family member go much smoother and they stay with you for life. A great app you can use to learn more about breeds is Perfect Dog.

Recognize The Investment of Time and Money when getting ready to bring a dog into your home. Owning a dog is a life long commitment and investment. Your dog needs your time for play and exercise as well as toys, food, training tools, and medical care which all comes at a cost.

Proper Socialization and Training is very important to the health and happiness of your pup! It’s also a great way to bond and gain trust with them throughout your lives together! Find supervised playgroups where you can take your dog to socialize. This helps your dog meet new furry friends and learn how to play properly. Make sure you expose your dog to the world safely with walks, visits to pet stores, parks, and children. Training your dog exercises their brain and helps them be a well-mannered dog at home and in your community.

Microchipping, Licensing, & Identification allows your pup to be returned safely if they ever get lost. Keeping up-to-date tags on their collars is another way to identify them.

Spaying & Neutering lowers health risks and manages further breeding. Pet overpopulation is an issue and is a direct result of dogs unaltered. Spaying and neutering is a straightforward medical procedure with many health benefits, including the reduction in the risk of developing certain cancers and illnesses.

Being on a Leash & wearing their collars while not at home is essential to the proper training and safety of your pup. Leash walking helps your pup trust the person at the other end of the leash while getting exercise too.

Vaccinations & Parasite Control. To keep your dog healthy and to abide by Ontario by-laws, our dogs have to be vaccinated. It is also very important to stop the spread of infectious parasites passed between animals. Many are exploring options such as titer testing. Explore your options as there is also holistic veterinary care that can provide valuable information on immunization and parasite control.

Exercise & Mental Stimulation for every bred is different, making sure your pup gets the proper amount for their needs keeps them happy and healthy. Many think that they just need physical exercise but some of them need mental stimulation to work their brains too.

Grooming is imperative to the health of your dog. Each breed will require different levels of grooming. Being educated on what’s best for your pup will allow them to be comfortable, this should include finding a groomer that best fits your needs. Get your puppy started early with grooming if they’ll need it as so much for them to get used to i.e. baths, blow dryers, scissors/clippers, and being on a grooming table.

Boarding your Pet. Making arrangements for the care of your pet if you are ever unable, can help alleviate the stress of being away from your pet. Finding a daycare or boarding facility that you trust can help save the day. Make sure you get your dog used to their home away from home before you leave so they are familiar with it.

Dogs may only be a part of our lives but to them, we are their whole lives. Making sure we’re doing our part to allow our pups to live a long, happy life is the best place to start.

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