Why would a pet owner want to give their pet supplements?

In our recent podcast, Lucy Jabarayn from Thrive4Life Holistic Pet Foods shared with us the three top reasons you would consider adding supplements to your dog’s diet. She also provided some advice on what a few of those supplements may be.

The 3 Top Reasons for adding supplements to your dog’s diet are:

Balanced Nutrition
Unfortunately feeding regular pet food does not provide every vitamin and mineral that your dog may need. From the farming side of it alone we know that our soils are so nutrient-depleted. And with mono-farming and fast-farming, we can’t possibly get all the nutrition we need anymore and the same thing goes for our pets.

Athlete - Special needsAdding an enhancer, something that’s just packed with nutrition to whatever diet is being fed is vital and key. It is the most important place to start because if the nutrition category is lacking, that’s what our immune system needs first – proper and adequate nutrition.

This can be spirulina, algae, or chlorella which is going to boost the nutrition content of the food – think of it like a multivitamin mineral. Also include something for gut health, like a good probiotic and a really good quality, essential fatty acid.

If you are interested in further information on how to level up your dog’s food bowl check out last month’s podcast episode – Uncovering What’s in Your Dog’s Bowl with Carly Paryluk here.

Special Needs
Dogs with special needs can require targeted supplements to allow them to thrive. An example would be a senior pet – they would need something more for joint and ligament support. Or if you have a dog that has a predisposition to cardiomyopathy or heart illnesses, we suggest you be proactive and give them specific supplements they need for their overall heart function and heart health. Another special needs example is a young dog that is an athlete they would require specific supplements to ensure they are getting everything they need to perform at the highest level.

This is an important area for many pet owners, as we all want to keep our dogs healthy and active as long as possible.

Our dogs have a lot going against them – especially these days – and often they don’t meet their full lifespan. For anti-aging, anything we can do to slow down that process we want to do that and be proactive. We can consider upping their antioxidant content, because antioxidants are also anti-aging, and they fight free radicals in the body.

There is one particular supplement that really caught Lucy’s eye and it’s called Benagene. And it’s a particular antioxidant that activates over 300 anti-aging genes in the body. Animal studies show that it prolonged life by up to 25%. Who wouldn’t want that?



Our final advice is to keep it simple. Don’t complicate it. Get some advice and start with one supplement, and then you can add another. It doesn’t really have to be complicated or hard.

If you would like more information on how supplements can improve your dog’s health and how to get in touch with Lucy please check out our recent podcast Episode 017: Supplements to Help Your Dog Thrive with Lucy Jabrayank.

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