Episode 15 Muttz with Mannerz Canine Academy Podcast

Does your dog growl or act aggressively when you attempt to take their favourite toy? Do they obsessively guard their food or bones from other animals – or even humans?

In this Episode of the Muttz with Mannerz™ Canine Academy Podcast, host Corey McCusker interviews Karen Baxter, Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. Corey and Karen discuss resource guarding – what is it, how it develops, and tips to help owners understand and overcome this behaviour.

In this episode Corey and Karen share: 

  • What is Resource Guarding and how and why it can develop into a problem for your dog.
  • How Karen’s own dog was resource guarding, how she resolved it and why that inspired her to work professionally with other dog owners on this issue.
  • What items Karen sees being resource guarded – other than food – and what perceived value is.
  • How age, history, breed, and other factors can impact whether your dog may have behavioural issues with guarding resources.
  • How you can work with your dog if they are exhibiting minor resource guarding behaviours before it escalates.
  • When you should consult with a professional behaviour consultant for this behaviour.
  • Some great stories and insights from Karen on a few cases she has worked with herself.

For more information about Karen and Unified K9 Behaviour Centre please visit her website www.unifiedk9.ca .


For some tips on hiring a Behaviour Consultant check out Episode 011: When Do I Call a Behaviour Consultant? An Interview with Karen Baxter

Special Guest: Karen Baxter

Karen Baxter has loved dogs all her life and feels privileged that she has the ideal job… following her life-long passion and working with dogs. Beginning her professional career with dogs over 20 years ago, Karen brings an experience and joy to her work that can be felt by each dog and dog owner that she works with regardless of the size or the breed of dog. Karen’s training philosophy is “one size does NOT fit all!” and true to the Unified K9 difference, tailors her training protocols and/or treatment plans to the needs of the dog and the lifestyle and goals of the dog’s owner. Her positive and fair techniques are designed to bring out enthusiasm in each dog so they learn to love training which results in building stronger relationships with their humans, based on trust.

Karen has participated in various training programs over several years preparing for her career in dog training. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer having passed the Knowledge Assessment examination through the Certification Council for Professional Pet Dog Trainers.  She is a graduate of Animal Behaviour College’s Certified Dog Trainer program. Karen has also studied and completed training on the practical application of Behaviour Adjustment Training for fearful, anxious and aggressive dogs and Aggressive Dog Conflict Resolution with Behaviourist and author Cheryl Smith.  Her most recent accomplishments include completing the Master Aggression Course with world renowned Behaviour Consultant and expert on dog aggression, Michael Shikashio and she is currently completing her diploma in Canine Behaviourology with a specialty in working with aggressive dogs Karen has also worked with local animal shelters and Rescue organizations to assist in the care and rehabilitation of rescued dogs who are usually suffering from trauma and stress related behaviour issues. Her continuing education and experience have ensured Karen has developed expertise in dog psychological issues manifesting themselves as anxiety or aggression.

Karen’s training specialties include Rally Obedience, Agility, Working Dogs Tracking, Scent work, and puppy foundations. She is a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, The Agility Association of Canada, the Canadian Association for Professional Dog Trainers and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Karen lives in York Region with her dogs most of which compete in obedience, agility and Rally Obedience. Her dogs have reached master level in all sports.

Your Host:

Corey McCusker, Canine Coach
Corey’s passion for helping humans and dogs excel led her to take a leap of faith after 22 years working in the Financial Industry to leave her corporate job in 2006 and start two companies. Corey is a Coach at heart and works with business leaders and high-performance teams, but her true passion has always been canines. She now has created a career that supports both.

Corey founded Muttz with Mannerz in 2006. Her foundation of knowledge which includes being a Senior Manager, Dog Trainer, Vet Assistant, World Tour Lead, and Mental Performance Coach helped her to launch the Canine Academy. The purpose of the academy is to assist pet parents build the foundation for their pups to be with them for life.

Corey believes in giving back to the community. Over many years she has volunteered at the Toronto Humane Society and the OSPCA and is also proud to be an evaluator for St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program. She held the position of Director of Communications on the board for the Canadian Association for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives from 2017-2019. She has been active with Markham Fair and been a Team Captain and on the Executive for Stouffville Ladies Floor Hockey League for over 15 years.

Corey has made Stouffville her home for the last 18 years and shares it with Mike, her partner, two stepdaughters, Karla and Alison, and their two energetic kittens, Dino and Demi. Over the years Corey has been fortunate to be blessed to share her life with 6 wonderful canines, Tilley ( Miniature Dachshund), Tiny, Kira (Great Danes), Fred(Maltese), Charlie(Morkie), and Cleo(Miniature Poodle). Corey and Mike welcomed their new puppy, Skye, a rescue Muttz from Manitoba reserves into their home in June. 2021. They have big hopes for her and look forward to Skye filling their lives with joy and being an active member of Team Muttz.


Muttz with Mannerz – https://muttzwithmannerz.com

Corey’s Email – corey@muttzwithmannerz.com

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